Senator Dodd’s Plan to Relocate Americans

Senator Christopher Dodd’s last major piece of legislation, before his retirement, is the SB 1619, the Livable Communities Act, which has been approved by the Senate Banking Committee and now is heading to the Senate floor and has an end goal of controlling all Americans.  The plan is not good for homeowners.

The plan would create a new federal bureaucracy, the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, armed with some $4 billion in federal grants, to pressure local communities into a more “green” development agenda.  It’s plan is supportive of a United Nations Agenda 21, adopted in 1992, outlining the insidious goal of complete control over world populations.

The law is marketed as an effort to fight traffic congestion, strip malls and ugly urban sprawl. It would “encourage” local communities to build high-density population centers linked by mass transit networks.  In other words, it’s goal is to move Americans from rural and suburban areas to the cities, for the sake of ‘saving the earth’.

The bill, approved by the Senate Banking Committee on a party-line vote in August, “is on a fast track,” said Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center, a grassroots group promoting free markets and limited government.  DeWeese said,  “The Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities would end up overseeing development in every community,” he said. “They say it’s voluntary, but it really isn’t. The $4 billion in grants will be used by radical green groups, who helped write it, to force your city council to comply. If your city says no to the pressure to take the grant money, the radical greens will tell your citizens that their city officials are losing them millions of dollars that is owed to the community. Then, when the council caves into the pressure and takes the money, it will force compliance. That is not voluntary, it is blackmail.”

Homeowners would end up paying exorbitant costs and losing control over their own homes, according to DeWeese.

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